Frequently Asked Questions

How does it help my business?
CARFAX Service History Check makes it easier for your Service Advisors and Shop Technicians to recommend service to your customers by providing information about previously performed maintenance.
How does it work?
Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or License Plate for any vehicle to see service history reported to CARFAX.
Can I see service performed at other shops?
Yes. Your shop can see vehicle service performed at any CARFAX Service Network facility. However, the shop name and address is never displayed.
How big is the CARFAX Service Network?
Over 23,000 third-party service locations belong to the CARFAX Service Network.
Is CARFAX Service History Check the same as a CARFAX Vehicle History Report?
No. CARFAX Service History Check provides shops with service information reported to CARFAX. In addition to service, CARFAX Vehicle History Reports can also include other types of vehicle history information such as: Damage, Repairs, Mileage, Number of Owners, Title History and more.
Why am I getting an error message when I enter a License Plate?
When the Department of Motor Vehicles transfers license plates to other vehicles, sometimes it takes time for the system to update and match the VIN with the new plate. You can always run a CARFAX Service History Check using the VIN.
How can I access CARFAX Service History Check?
Currently, CARFAX Service History Check is available via an Internet website. CARFAX is working with our SMS and DMS partners to integrate CARFAX Service History Check in your shop systems.
How do I update service information on CARFAX Reports?
If you, or a customer, believe that service information on a CARFAX Report needs to be updated, our Data Research Team is here to help! Please see below for instructions.
If you have a account:
1. Sign in at
2. Click 'Help' at the top right of the page
3. Click 'Submit a Data Research Request' and complete the form
If your customers have additional questions:
Direct your customers to

Questions? For more information about your myCARFAX membership, email us at or call 800-964-5872.